Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aduhai saham... jatuh ari nie...wah menyesalnya ba x dpt beli...sri gila2 interested ngan satu caunter nie...pulakmak...gila jatuh mcm nangka bucuk...besh gila kalu aq ada duit tau...wah!!!nak apakan now signal 4 all investor to buy...good opportunity ma!!!!!!tp pelik jugak kat owg ramai...time saham tu tgh laju jer naik...tyme tu jugak lar nak beli...tyme jatuh x nak beli......pelik2x.....


He became America’s second or third richest man, and a living legend.

Warren Buffett's Investment Principles
Stock investments should be looked at in the same way as buying a business. The stock investor is really buying a tiny share or partnership and should apply the same principles that they would in buying a business – the Benjamin Graham approach:

1. The company should be soundly managed. Tests of good management include:

* Share buybacks
* Good use of retained earnings
* Sticking to what you know

2. The company has demonstrated earning capacity with a likelihood that this will continue. Tests of earning capacity include:

* Company growth
* Dealing with inflation
* Capital expenditure
* Look through earnings
* Brand names

3. The company should have consistently high returns. Warren Buffett would look at both:

* Returns on equity
* Returns on capital

4. The company should have a prudent approach to debt.

5. The businesses of the company should be simple and the investor should have an understanding of the company.

See case studies

6. Assuming that all these thresholds are satisfied, the investment should only be made at a reasonable price, with a margin of safety. This is always a matter for independent judgment by the investor but it is relevant to consider:

* Price/earnings ratios
* Earnings and Dividend yields
* Book value
* Comparative rates of return

8. Investors need to take a long term approach.

I want to be like Warren Buffett!!!!next time sy update ngan info pasal warrent yer

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